Love Me Again (2014)

Change is in the air.

The obsession of a woman with Argentinian tango fashions a world where fantasy and remembrance impinge on reality. Facing a crisis of life and love, a woman holds tightly to the dance that weaves through the fabric of her life creating a tenuous balance between the fantasy and the art of Argentinian Tango. She is driven to complete herself through dance, hoping to find happiness and love and in her passion for tango, searching for an intimate connection that was lost long ago. A woman whose life is defined by her love for dance is transported between the parallels of her reality and the reality of her memories. She is trying to find a rhythm with different men, but fails again and again until she finds her own. A comic yet moving narrative about finding true love. The film is a tribute to one woman desire to express herself, and to all such women, who find happiness through their passion for Argentine tango.