Prima (2013)

A moving portrait of Larissa Ponomarenko, prima ballerina of the Boston Ballet, who has recently hung up her pointed shoes to pursue new avenues of self-expression. Through flashbacks to her journey from a difficult childhood and rigorous ballet training in Russia, to her emergence as the prima ballerina of a leading American ballet company, the film captures Larissa's uniqueness.

Make Me Dance (2016)

Make Me Dance takes an in-depth look at one of the most prestigious dance schools in the United States, The Boston Conservatory, and the work of world- renowned, Harlem-born choreographer Darrell Moultrie as he crafts "Winds of Now" for young ballet and dance students. Moultrie brings all his energy to break the stereotype of the "ballet body" and redefine what it means to be a dancer.

Love Me Again (2014)

The obsession of a woman with Argentinian tango fashions a world where fantasy and remembrance impinge on reality. Facing a crisis of life and love, a woman holds tightly to the dance that weaves through the fabric of her life.

Ballet Fantaisie (2006)

The story of a Prima Ballerina who pushes the boundaries, displaying her soulful exuberance for dance. Through her body language, Ballerina tackles her life's most important emotions, revealing her journey from the childhood and difficult training in Russia to her emergence as the prima ballerina of Boston Ballet. Dickinson's poetry is a commentary on the Larissa's spiritual struggle.

From Russia, My Love (2003)

This documentary chronicles the experiences of young Russian and Ukrainian women coming to America as "mail-order brides." depict the deep complexity of their relationships, evoking emotions and revealing hidden thoughts.