Woman in the Mirror 

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Documentary "Woman in the Mirror" is completed. I am very honored to announce that "Woman in the Mirror" will have its world premiere at Miami Jewish Film Festival on 01/14 and the following screening on 10/18. Special thanks to the stars Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin at Koltun Ballet School Boston and people who believe and support this film: John Stefanon, Jan Bronstein, Susan Melville, my crew and to students Paris Mills, Margaret Kuefler, Jack Tang and ALL the students of Koltun Ballet Boston 2019-2021 and their parents, Joan and Joe Kuefler, Mrs. Tang, Dorothy Mills (O'Keefe).


Woman in the Mirror
By Tatyana Bronstein

It's amazing what goes into making something effortless.

Nestled in a small New England town is a powerhouse of a ballet school. Its genesis includes the dramatic story of a prima ballerina defecting from the Soviet Union, the tenuous climb to financial and artistic freedom, and a no-holds-barred student international competition. In a story revealed in dance studio mirrors, Alexandra, a graduate of the prestigious Vaganova Academy and a driven ballerina, toes her way from being a principal dancer of the Boston Ballet to leading a diverse group of ballet students to compete in a most prestigious competition as she navigates the challenges of running her elite school. The Soviet Union was a primary example of loss of personal freedom in the 1960’s, but even in the 1990’s there were many problems with freedom of expression, of religious beliefs, and of political self-determination. Alexandra reflects on her life there and comes to understand that it was this innate antisemitism that drove her decision to leave Russia. This is the story of her transition to the American ballet stage that led, after a 25-year career, to a new role as a teacher, and to new challenges as she struggles to adapt to the educational styles of American ballet.


Kinochronika is an independent film production company that focuses on character-driven, powerful documentaries and short narrative films. We work in all stages of the filmmaking process. We develop and produce independent films, commercials, and highlight reels.

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